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Pastel Popstars & Rainbow Rockers

Ages 6-10

If you’re a super fan of Taylor Swift, Jojo or the Descendants, then you need to jump right on this trendy tour bus as one of the topnotch dance crew members for Pastel Popstars & Rainbow Rockers! Soon, you’ll be on your way to recording a pop-rocking dance video showing all your jazz moves and hip hop grooves. Get ready to dance and contribute to the artistic process of producing and starring in your very own DANCE music video, including fun activities related to style and wardrobe, props, makeup, choreography and, of course, performance! Your fans are sure to be starstruck when your exclusive world tour video drops.


August 9-13  10:00AM-12:30PM

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$42 per day or $165 for the whole week

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  • Faculty coming soon