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Dress Rehearsal Schedule

You Are Not Alone, You Made a Commitment

If you think that when you miss a class or do not attend dress rehearsals that you are not affecting anyone but yourself – YOU ARE WRONG. In fact, you actually hurt your fellow dancers, not the teacher. Although you all have different motives for dancing, when committing to a recital, the end result should be your goal. Most dancers want their dance to be the one that is remembered and talked about by all. It takes a team of dancers to achieve this goal. Please be considerate of your fellow dancers and attend your classes regularly, practice your dance, and put the rehearsal schedule dates, in the below link, on your calendar.

Required Rehearsals

All rehearsals are held at the outdoor stage site behind Dance Connection’s building. All students must be checked in backstage 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time. Latecomers will miss their photo and stage time.  Unfortunately, due to the truncated schedule, we cannot hold to wait for anyone to arrive. ARRIVE AT DRESS REHEARSAL FULLY DRESSED IN COSTUME WITH MAKE-UP AND HAIR DONE.

Guest Limit at Dress Rehearsals

Please understand that the purpose of Dress Rehearsals are for the dancers to get used to performing on a stage rather than a classroom, to review spacing, as the stage is much bigger compared to the classrooms, for our scenic designer to see how the scenery looks on stage with dancers, the lighting designer to program lighting cues, the sound designer to figure out music and microphone levels, and the stage manager to choreograph set changes.  Because the rehearsals during recital week are dress rehearsals, rather than performances, we must limit audience size to 2 adults and 2 siblings per family.  

Class and Individual Photos will be taken at Dress Rehearsal

Dance Connection photographers will be taking class pictures and individual photos immediately BEFORE their rehearsal on stage. Each class will be brought to the photography area, have their picture taken, and then rehearse on stage. Children get very distracted while taking photos, especially if there is too much activity surrounding them. For this reason, parents will not be allowed in photography area. Free Class Photo downloads will be available a few weeks after the recital.  Individual photos will available for purchase a few weeks after the recital.

Students who arrive late for their photo time will miss their class photo.

Help Desk at Holy Trinity

A recital help desk will be set up outside by the outdoor stage site.  There, you can purchase snacks, register for summer classes, pre-register for fall classes, purchase/order Recital T-Shirts, buy Dancer Dolls, and purchase a Star for your dancer.  Our office staff will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about recital rehearsals or performances. 

Need to get in touch with us during recital week?

Have an important question during recital week?  Need to leave a message for your child’s teacher?   We have established a Recital Hotline that will be monitored by a receptionist during recital week.
Just dial the studio number (631-224-7134 – Extension 1) and it will forward to us at the recital or email  If someone does not answer please leave a voicemail or email us. We will respond to all emails and voicemails in a timely manner.
Information regarding the recital can also be found on our website

Videos/Photos MUST be taken at Dress Rehearsal ONLY!

All videos and photography must be taken at dress rehearsal on June 7-10!! No cameras or recording equipment (flash or non-flash) will be permitted in the theatre during the performances. All pictures and videos must be taken at this rehearsal. For the consideration of all picture takers, DO NOT CROWD THE DESIGNATED PICTURE TAKING AREA WHICH IS LOCATED IN THE FIRST FEW CENTER ROWS OF THE THEATRE. ONLY PICTURE TAKERS OF CURRENT DANCERS ON STAGE WILL BE ALLOWED IN THIS AREA – EVERYONE ELSE MUST REMAIN SEATED UNTIL THEIR CHILDREN ARE DANCING. AGAIN, COMMON COURTESY AND COOPERATION IS GREATLY APPRECIATED. WE WOULD NOT WANT TO CLEAR THE THEATRE AND CALL A CLOSED REHEARSAL, HOWEVER, IF FORCED TO, WE WILL.
Dance Connection will be videotaping all of our performances.  You will receive a free HD video download.

Dress Rehearsal Schedule

Click Here for Dress Rehearsal Schedule