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Final Recital Checklist

Have You….?

___ Picked up your costume(s)

___ Purchased any necessary shoes

___ Purchased Recital Tickets

___ Ordered a Recital T-Shirt (optional)
___ Ordered a Shining Star or Sweet Star for your dancer (optional)
___ Ordered a Dancer Doll (optional)
___ Ordered Recital Flowers (optional)

___ Ordered Recital Makeup (optional)

___ Practiced Recital makeup application
           Free video on the Recital Makeup page
___ Painted your shoes (if necessary)
           Tan & White shoe paint are available at the studio for $3.00
___ Pre-Registered for Fall Classes – Deadline Sunday, June 16th.
___ Signed up for Summer Classes – Programs begin July 15th, 2019!

Upcoming Week’s Office Hours

Wednesday, May 29  2:00-10:00PM
Thursday, May 30  2:00-10:00PM
Friday, May 31  2:00-7:30PM
Saturday, June 1  9:00AM-1:30PM
Monday, June 3  2:00-10:00PM
Tuesday, June 4  9:30-11:30AM & 2:00-10:00PM

Wednesday, June 5  2:00-10:00PM
Thursday, June 6  2:00-10:00PM
Friday, June 7  2:00-7:30PM