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Free Recital Video & Class Photos

At Dance Connection, we’re constantly exploring new ways to make our recitalbetter and more affordable for our families.  We are excited to announce that this year, the recital video and class photo will be available for download to all of our students free of charge!

Free Video FAQ

When will the recital video be available?
The recital video will be uploaded within 2 weeks of the performance.

Will the free video be high quality?
Yes. Full HD.

Can I still order a DVD of the entire performance?
No. We have never found an affordable way to provide good quality DVDs in a timely manner.

Can I post the free video to social media?

Can I video the performance myself?
No. As a courtesy to the dancers and everyone else in the theater, we do not permit video or photography of any performance. Violators will be removed from the audience. However, you are permitted to video tape the dress rehearsal.

Free Class Photo FAQ

When are the class photos available to download?
The class photos will be uploaded within 2 weeks of the performance

Can I still purchase prints?
Sure! You may download for free and use your own printer or you may use Zenfolio to order affordable prints in a variety of sizes.

Can I post the pictures to social media?

Will individual photos be taken?
We will try to have the photographers take individual photos as time allows.  However, we cannot guarantee there will be enough time for individual photos for all classes.  Any individual photos will be made available for purchase (prints or novelty items) within 2 weeks of performance.