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Getting to Know You: Miss Tiffany!
Written by Joe Naftal on March 30, 2018

Today we are featuring Miss Tiffany in our latest edition of “Getting to Know You”!  The “Getting to Know You” series helps us get to know each of the Dance Connection teachers and staff we get to see at the studio every week and learn a little bit more about them.


Besides dancing, Miss Tiffany’s hobbies include cooking, doing activities with her two year old and six year old, and yes…..she’s the class mom.  Her favorite restaurant is Tia Pol, a “fantastic” tapas (small plates) restaurant in New York City.  She recommends the patatas bravas, pimentos estriol gernika, croquetas, chorizo al jerez, games al ajillo, and the pan con tomato y tres salsas.  Since she worked and danced professionally for so many years, she was always a night owl, but now that she’s a mom things have changed and she is now a morning person.  If she could choose any superpower in the world, Miss Tiffany would choose time travel so she could experience different styles of dance, music and fashion.  Her favorite choreographers are Bob Fosse & Andy Blankenbuehler.  Her favorite styles of dance are theatre jazz & ballet.  If for some reason she couldn’t be a dance teacher, she would want to be an event/wedding planner.  But she’s going to stick to teaching dance because her students inspire her!  She said, “seeing the passion in them is moving and motivates me to want to take them to the next level.”


Additional fun fact:  When Miss Tiffany joined the Radio City Rockettes, she was the youngest dancer in the company!

Joe Naftal

Joe Naftal is the Marketing Director for Dance Connection. When not working at Dance Connection, Joe has a career as a theatrical lighting designer, assistant designer, and production manager. His experience spans the worlds of classical and contemporary theatre, musicals, ballet, modern dance, and opera. In addition to his work at Dance Connection, Joe collaborates with Dance Studio Owners across the country, is a member of the Panel of Experts, has been featured in the business section of Dance Teacher Magazine, and was on the seminar faculty for the 2016 Dance Teacher Summit in New York City. Joe holds a BFA from UNC School of the Arts and is a proud member of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE).