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Looking Forward to Beach Weather, Sunshine, Ice Cream, and Camp!
Written by Erin Sforza on April 29, 2017

Sometimes it seems as if warm weather will never get here, but the days are getting longer and every now and then we get a day that breaks 60 degrees and lets us know beach weather is on its way. I always look forward to the summer especially being here on Long Island with all of the beautiful beaches and state parks to explore. I’m especially looking forward to this summer because it will be my daughter’s first “school vacation” after Kindergarten. I have been busily planning all the fun we’ll have when she is with me all day again.

There is tons to do around here over the summer, but one thing I noticed is that I can’t just jump from activity to activity all the time, that both my daughter and I need a little bit of structure to remain over the summer, and that she really enjoys having her own time to play with kids her age on a regular basis. So while she may love our trips to discover a new park or playing in the sand she also looks forward to Summer Camp for weeks before it starts.

Some shared favorite camps are the Royal Fairytale Camp, Jedi Training Camp (love this one!), and the 4 week classes that help to keep her in the dance class routine. What’s really enjoyable is that you can either stay and relax in the lobby during camp, or drop your princess, padawan, or superhero off to have a great time while you relax or check off some items on your daily to-do list. I usually hang around and get some work done for the studio (planning for the upcoming year).

This year my daughter and I are really excited about the “Adventures in Dance Camps” programs. There are three themed evening events: Summer Beach Party, Pajama Party, and our favorite Camp Carnival. They are on Monday nights in August from 5:00pm – 8:30pm which means parents can grab dinner while the kids have a fun filled theme night with friends.

Are your dancers spending some time with us over the summer this year? Let us know in the comments below and we will see you there!


Erin Sforza

Erin is the Public Relations Coordinator for Dance Connection. She studied dance from childhood through college and continues to be an active member of the Long Island theatre community. Erin received a BA in both Musical Theatre Performance and History from the University of Tampa, and has utilized aspects of both degrees working in the hospitality industry, as an Event Coordinator for the Heckscher Museum of Art in Huntington, and as the PR/Marketing Coordinator and Group Sales Coordinator for the CM Performing Arts Center in Oakdale. In addition to being a part of the Dance Connection staff, she is a Travel Consultant affiliated with and