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Miss Arial’s Top 10 DC Memories
Written by Arial Cohen on March 5, 2019
  1. LOST AT TICKET SALE DAY – Many moons ago before technology has taken over, we would actually wait online for tickets for the recital. Well more like a camp out lol. My family happened to be one of those crazy families who would get online the night before tickets went on sale to get the best seats! This particular ticket sale eve I remember practicing dances with friends on DC’s lawn, playing cards, having a blast! When it came to sleeping, I had some trouble, so I went to my moms car to sleep. I must have sleep-walked in the middle of the night (morning) and ended up sleeping on someones porch close by. From what I hear, everyone was looking for me like crazy and the cops were almost called. I still hear of this story from my mom and family members lol. Hey, at least we got good seats that year!
  2. SURPRISE – The Dance Connection staff and team had thrown me a 30th surprise party at the studio. It was great! My family, boyfriend, and daughter were waiting at the door when i came in as well as my students, best friends, and co-workers. My personal favorite memory was all of my students putting on all of the songs that I had ever choreographed and dancing to them. I will always remember this night!
  3. FINALLY DANCING IN DISNEY – Finally at the age of 28, I got my debut dancing in Disney with the competition team. Although I danced on the team as a child I never got to dance in Disney. It was such a great feeling being able to perform. I’ll never forget the amazing energy in Downtown Disney that day. I also love that my daughter, niece, and
    nephew got to see me dance. Better late than never!
  4. PROUD MOMENTS – One National competition I’ll never forget getting the call that my Junior dance “Mr.Postman” and my Senior dance “A Pirates Life” was chosen to be in the Choreography Showcase at Dancers inc. My heart filled with joy! Later that day, was even better, I got a call that “Mr.Postman”, WON in the showcase! It brought me to tears! I will always remember this. (Keep a lookout for “A Pirates life” in this years recital!)
  5. YEE HAWW – For some reason during the stressful recital time I would try to brake the tension and talk in a very heavy country accent. This soon caught on and my partner (Miss Melinda) would start talking like this as well. It seemed to make the staff laugh and it felt good to bring a smile to everyones faces during that stressful time.
  6. SCARY OUT THERE – One time at a competition in New Jersey there was a very bad storm and the hotel had lost power. We ended up staying overnight last minute. But that wasn’t the scary part! On the drive home the next day with Miss Jenn, it felt like we were in the opening of a horror movie. It was gloomy, empty streets, and HUGE trees down
    everywhere that we had to keep detouring. It was like a ghost town. I just remember us being terrified and praying we made it home ok!
  7. BOY OR GIRL? –  Before the arrival of my second child, I decided to do a gender reveal with the competition team. After all, they are my second family, so I wanted to get them in on the fun. Feeling the excitement and anticipation from the kids was great. We did a tally and they guessed “Boy”, and they were right! Blue balloons came shooting out of the box as well as huge smiles, laughs, and screams from the kids and co-workers, it was a great moment Ill never forget. Months later they threw me a mini Sprinkle right before the arrival of my son, I sure do love them!
  8. UNDERSTUDY – When I was about 11 or 12 I remember being an understudy for a competition dance called “The Roof Is On Fire”. Yes, I didn’t always make everything! One of the girls was going to be out at our street fair performance so I worked very hard to learn her parts, and I was put in! I did so well that I got put into the dance! Hard work really does pay off. This experience was very memorable to me and I love that I can pass this on to my students who don’t make something.
  9. MRS. POTTS – All of my friends and family know the irony of my name being Arial and Ariel the mermaid being my favorite Disney princess. Well one year our big opening was all about Disney. Of course this year I happen to be 7 months pregnant during recital time, and who did they make me? Mrs. Potts! lol! Although i did not get to be a beautiful
    Disney Princess like all of my friends/coworkers,  I sure did rock that Mrs.Potts costume! Miss Molly will still laugh and tell you stories about me getting into this costume pregnant and having my chair backstage waiting to sit in and huff and puff after my 6 second walk on stage!
  10. DANCE MOM – Being in the dance world for 24 years I have learned so much about being a dancer, choreographer, and teacher. Now i get to add a new label” Dance Mom”. As i watched my daughters entire audition this year for Recital Company as a “Dance Mom” and not a teacher, I realized that I used to be so nervous during recital company auditions as a teacher- having to cut kids from parts, teach dances quick, have tons of parents watching me through the window. It then hit me that being the role as a Dance Mom at that time was  much more stressful and now going to be another area to learn in. It was great being on the other side of the window and I will always remember watching her first audition.  I’m so thankful for this studio and everything they have given me which is much more than a job, and even for thankful that my children will be here.
Arial Cohen

Arial is going into her 24th year at Dance Connection. She has been dancing with us since the age of 4 and teaching here for the past 11 years. She is known for her unique dance skills, technique, choreography, and talent as a dancer in ballet, tap, many styles of jazz, contemporary, musical theatre, hip-hop, and acrobatics.