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Miss Donna’s Top 10 DC Memories
Written by Donna Iaboni on December 7, 2018
  1. Glasses Glitch: Years ago at the costume show my glasses literally snapped in half right at the piece between the eyes and after going on a search for somewhere to buy Krazy Glue, I wound up having to tape them together and I looked like complete nerd for the entire rest of the weekend! 
  2. Fire Alarm Frenzy: A different year at the costume show, we were in our hotel room in our pajamas……it was maybe about 1am (possibly later) and the fire alarm went off. We were scrambling like lunatics trying to grab all the catalogs and costume paperwork in case it was a real fire. Gladly, it was a false alarm! We got back to our room, were all settled and deep into our work and the alarm went off again! Repeat of running around like lunatics!
  3. Wickedly Good: Most people who know me and everyone on DC staff, knows that I am a Wizard of Oz freak. I collect memorabilia, I know all the lines of the movie by heart and I can’t resist watching it every time it’s on. One year, for part of our amazing staff party that Miss Mary gives us, she took us to see Wicked on Broadway. I was in heaven! I bought the cd at the show and knew every song in no time! Certainly a memory I’ll NEVER forget.
  4. Fearful Flyer: One year while gift wrapping for the needy, a bird somehow got into the classroom and was flying around us. It was clearly afraid and flying frantically to try to find a way out. Miss Jenn’s step dad, Steve was trying to help catch the bird and release it, but it was not easy. It was darting every which way, and it was quite a sight! Oh yes….let me not forget to mention that Miss Jenn is, let’s just say, a little afraid of birds! 
  5. Dumpster Dive: One night in our old studio I couldn’t find my car keys. I looked EVERYWHERE! I had come to the conclusion that they must have somehow wound up in one of the garbage bags while helping the receptionist clean up. Well, our dumpster was all the way across at the other side of the parking lot and was very dark. Yup, I was in the dumpster going through the bags only to find that they were not in there. Turns out, I had given them to my daughter earlier to go get her books out of the car and she never gave them back…..but she went home already with my husband and we live in Massapequa! Hubby drove back to bring me my keys. 
  6. Surprise!: In the winter of 1994, we were taking our Annual Holiday photo when Miss Mary had a surprise announcement. She held up a sign that said “Guess what?” and then another after that one that said, “I’m pregnant!”. To this day, it’s been one of my favorite moments I’ve shared with my DC family.
  7. Without a “Hitch”: Back in 2008, I was teaching a class when all of a sudden my husband’s best friend came into my classroom, and of course I quite confused. He handed me a walkie talkie and told me to say “hello”. Of course, I did. To my surprise, my boyfriend (who’s now my hubby, Tommy) was on the other end. He was reenacting (with his own twist) one his favorite scenes from the movie “Hitch” to ask me out for a special Valentine’s date and deliver my gift. It truly was a VERY memorable night!
  8. Proud Momma Moment Part 1: My daughter, formerly “Miss” Brooke-Ashley was accepted to train in NYC with the Radio City Rockettes at a week long Summer Intensive at the age of 16. She then performed at the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts to conclude her week. It was an amazing experience for her and I’m thankful that she got her training here at DC.  Part 2: When Brooke-Ashley became a teacher here at DC! Unfortunately, it was short lived, as she is completing steps to enter the NYPD Police Academy shortly. However, it was something I always wished for…..for her to be part of our amazing staff of teachers.
  9. What’s that Noise?: As some of our long time DC families may remember, our old building had a few issues over the years. As Miss Melinda mentioned in her memories, we had a bit of a squirrel problem. I can remember teaching and making the music just a bit louder trying to drown out the sound of the squirrels running around in the ceiling above our heads!
  10. Step Stool Stumble: One summer in the old studio, there was a wasp flying around and I got up on the step stool with some bug spray to try to kill it. I was leaning all different ways as it was flying around and I lost my balance and fell backwards right off the step stool! Joe happened to be recording it all because we were laughing quite a bit and he caught it all on film! 
Donna Iaboni

Donna joined the Dance Connection staff in 1992. Her dance training and teaching experience consists of Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Pointe and Hip Hop. Donna spent many years involved in multiple Long Island theaters performing in shows such as “Sweet Charity”, “Guys and Dolls”, and “Chicago”. She also spent 2 years as an apprentice with the Martha Meredith Dance Co., and auditioned for the world famous Radio City Rockettes. Donna is currently one of our recital and competition company teachers and has choreographed regional and national award winning dances. She has danced and choreographed for performances in Walt Disney World, Las Vegas, aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship, and with world renowned choreographers and dancers. Donna has enjoyed dancing for 38 years and teaching for over 30 years. Donna continues to educate herself with teacher workshops, books and seminars to stay current and fresh for her students to receive the most up to date styles and training. Donna is a proud member of IADMS, The International Assoc for Dance Medicine and Science which provides teachers and other professionals in the field with expertise on stretching, injury prevention, nutrition, hyper mobility, and more. She is thrilled to have shared most of her life with her DC family! She is a wife to her husband Tommy and mother to a former DC teacher/dancer, Miss Brooke-Ashley, and her furry baby, Miya!