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Miss Jenn’s Top 10 DC Memories
Written by Jenn D'Auria on January 4, 2019
  1. News 12: In April of 2000, we were on our way to dance in Walt Disney World, but our first stop was News 12. I remember waking up and heading to the news station before the sunrise and as the sun came up we were featured on News 12 dancing in the parking lot for our upcoming trip to Walt Disney World. We had our 15 minutes of fame! 
  2. Dancing in Disney: In April of 2000, I had the honor of dancing in Walt Disney World for the first time, we danced on the Tomorrowland stage (which was huge) and after every dance I danced I remember coming off the stage and just telling the teachers “there are more people out there, there are more people out there” and by the finale that whole area was filled with people giving us a standing ovation. It was in amazing feeling as a performer.
  3. Bermuda Cruise: Dance Connection has giving me many performance opportunities but another favorite was Dancing in Bermuda! Not only did we dance up on the Norwegian Cruise Line stage, we got to perform in the streets of Bermuda two times and both times when we danced the crowd grew larger then the next In the streets Of Bermuda. The roads are a little hilly so each time we stepped out and dance we were able to see how much of the streets were filled with people to watch us perform. Another crazy adrenaline running experience.
  4. The Birds / Little Critters: It was a Thursday morning and I was teaching my Preschool 2 class when all of a sudden a surprise visitor started to fly through the dance room, we were dodging the bird so it wouldn’t fly down to the children but flew smack right into one of the windows, next Miss Mary and I quickly moved the children out of the dance room into another room and closed the door. Let’s say from that day on  I moved my classes to the other dance room. Unfortunately there were times at our old studio that we had some squirrels that visited us. I remember one morning I was cleaning behind the desk and I happened to look up and there were 2 little eyes looking down at me. I quickly ran out of that section of the studio into it into room and called Miss Mary and she said you have to call Catch-a-Critter so they can come and find him. That meant  I had to go back behind the desk to get the phone number. I told Miss Mary she was crazy and she started laughing at me on the phone.
  5. Water Fight:  May through July is always a busy time for our competition team and teachers. We come back after recital and have to get right to work and rehearsals for nationals. One year Miss Mary chose to throw a bottle of water on some of the dancers and teachers and then next thing you know a full fledge water fight broke out inside the studio and then outside in the parking lot. Lots of laughs with that.
  6. Future Star Award:  We were at a competition sitting on the stage like any normal award ceremony and the announcer announces this future star award. Sitting there not thinking anything of it, I hear my name and my solo song played I sat there in shock for a moment that I was awarded the Future Star Award from Dance Spirit Magazine
  7. Make-A-Wish Holiday Party:  For the past seven years, we have had the pleasure to entertain the children and families for Make-A-Wish of Suffolk county at their annual Christmas party. We bring a little medley of Christmas dances. It is such an honor and a pleasure to see all those little children’s faces light up as we perform for them. After our pieces done we stay around for a little longer and dance with all the children I love watching our dancers interact with all these wonderful children.
  8. Reminiscing:  There are so many memories that we have all shared a Dance Connection happy, sad, funny, memorable, most times without even thinking of it we all just start talking about the memories and that puts a smile on my face. 
  9. Giving Back:  Dance Connection is not just a dance studio it is a family and I love that this family is all about giving back to the community. Dance Connection has successfully produced 29 recitals plus Making Wishes Grow that not only features the Dance Connection dancers but other dancers, actors, singers and comedians to give back and to grant a wish very very special child. This past December, Dance  Connection did it again and produced another amazing show Step into Christmas benefitting Gavins Got Heart. 
  10. Dance Connection:  I have had the honor of meeting teaching and working with so many great people throughout my years at Dance Connection. I am honored to call Dance Connection my second family. Without Dance Connection and Miss Mary, friendships, bonds, lifelong friends, and memories could not have been made. So thank you Dance Connection and Happy 30th Anniversary! 
Jenn D'Auria

Jenn joined our DC Family 22 years ago and has been part of our teaching staff for the past 13 years. For the past 29 years, Jenn has studied ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, and pointe and continues to study today. She has also been a member of our recital company productions and a part of our award winning competition team and was awarded the “Future Star” award by Dance Spirit Magazine. Jenn has participated in many regional and nationally recognized competitions and workshops and has performed in Walt Disney World four times, aboard cruises to Bermuda and Canada, in Las Vegas, at Long Island Ducks Stadium, at Broadway Dance Center’s Performance Weekend, appeared on Channel 12 news, and at various local street fairs. She has auditioned for the New York City Knicks dancers and “So You Think You Can Dance”. Jenn continues to educate herself by attending dance workshops and taking dance classes. Jenn has been teaching our recital company for the past 13 years and Dance Connection’s Competition Performance team for the past 12 years. Jenn has received many platinum and top score awards for her choreography and has won numerous special judges awards for her competition dances, including “Best Choreography” and “Most Entertaining”. As Jenn enters her 22nd year with the Dance Connection family she hopes her love and passion for the art of dance can reach the littlest of our twos all the way to the tip top of our most seasoned dancers.