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Miss Molly’s Top 10 DC Memories
Written by Molly Zitterman on February 12, 2019
  1. Recital Company Audition– As I dance into my 24th year with Dance Connection, I can’t believe how time flies. Recital company rehearsals have just started and every year I still think of my first year of junior company auditions. It was Step In Time from Mary Poppins and I was so nervous! I remember the choreography was fast, sharp and energetic. If that wasn’t hard enough we also had to use a chimney sweep as a prop. I remember very clearly that there was a high knee section with a hitch kick and being young at the time I was dreading it since I didn’t think my leg could get to my head. Overall, I know I tried my best but unfortunately I didn’t make the company this year. Being a teacher now I look back and laugh but am grateful for this memory because it only made me a stronger dancer. I can really relate to my students since I have danced in their shoes.
  2. Costume Malfunction-  At a young age I decided I would sew my own costumes and shoes since I didn’t like how my mom did it. I usually sew costumes while they are on people, but unfortunately I can’t sew on myself. So this brings me to the year I was in Go In To Your Dance from 42nd street and we had a skirt and jacket costume. Our dance started out sitting at a table where we would then stand up and move forward. I knew as I stood up that my skirt was not going to stay on. But you know the rule, if something falls off you can’t touch it. So that’s just what I did I kept dancing and you guessed it… the skirt was by my ankles. Luckily it was only dress rehearsal and I had a nude body suit on since we had multiple changes. I just remember all the moms in the front row dying laughing as well as myself trying to hold back from hysterically laughing at the situation while dancing. 
  3. Beautiful Bermuda- I was lucky enough to have the chance to dance on a Cruise to Bermuda as well as perform in the streets of Bermuda. It was over 100 degree weather and we had to perform. The sun was out and the cruise ship docked in the distance. As the performance was in progress I remember having to change into my costume for Jazz It Up.  I put one leg in the jeans and they literally ripped from the crotch to the leg. I was thinking in my head omg… I used multiple safety pins to close. I was so nervous one was going to open while I danced. The memory I remember most from this trip was looking up the hill and seeing it filled with an audience all the way up the street. It was an amazing sight to see and a moment I will never forget.
  4. Snowed In-  Every year Miss Mary takes us on an amazing staff party and its always a day full of surprises! The year we went to the hotel near Island 16 and had a cooking challenge, swimming aerobics, and fun game stations was one to remember. There was an unexpected Blizzard and we got snowed in. It was fun since we were all together until the next morning. I remember looking outside and realizing that the parking lot was not plowed. I called my job and they said that we were still coming in normal time. I proceeded to go outside and try and dig myself out.  Everyone thought I was crazy since I was so adamant in getting my car out to go to work. I remember getting my car out and stuck. I get out to push my car and I look up at the hotel and I see some of the staff laughing so hard/ waiving from the window. I go inside to soon then find out my job had cancelled work!. All that digging for nothing haha but good times.
  5. It’s Getting Hot in Here– Every year after the recital we unload whatever needs to go back to the studio. Back when we were at the old studio on Sunrise Hwy, we would go in from the side door and either go into the basement to put scenery away or up to the 2nd floor where the studio was to bring in bins. The day we had to unload was so hot.  There was a bin with left over drinks in it and cold water bottles. Miss Mary said to take one and all of a sudden she looked at me and with the open bottle proceeded to throw it in my face! I was shocked and reciprocated. This started a water fight with the rest of the helpers/teachers. With being so tired from the long recital week we let loose and COOLED off.
  6. Finally A Girl- Through out my years of dance when it came to being picked for parts in a dance or trying out for a specific parts that had to be split boys and girls in a dance, I for the most part was picked for the boy parts. It never bothered me since I was pretty tall growing up and usually the taller people were the boys. There was a competition dance Another Day in Paradise and I remember there was an audition for additional girls. In this dance there was the rich ladies and the homeless. I wanted so bad to be a rich lady. I remember I practiced and practiced since I wanted the part so bad. It came time for the audition and I was picked for the part! I was finally a girl! Just goes to show practice and passion does pay off. 
  7. I Need a Doctor- Years ago, not everything was as high tech as it is now. Let me take you back to my experience of doing the mailing to the whole studio of what classes they were in. There were sheets that covered the mirrors and rows of stacks of papers up and down the red, yellow and blue line in the class room. All envelopes got stuffed and mailed out for the new dance season. It took all hours into the night to finish. I remember taking a break and wanting to do a drink run next door to the gas station. I took Miss Meghan with me and we ran next door. There was something sharp sticking out of the ground and sliced right through my shoe. I ran back to the studio. My foot was bleeding up the 2 flights of stairs and I walk into the studio.  Dr. Mary Naftal to the rescue put my foot in the sink and calmed me down since all I remember saying was ” I SCARED”. 
  8. Around the World-. I have performed in Disney multiple times and it has been such a privilege to be apart of it. I will never forget the time we were in Epcot and I lost my mom’s purse in Mexico. We were trying on sombreros and when we left I thought I had picked up everything except I left my mom’s purse. I went to look for my money while were in China and ask Miss Arial if she had my mom purse. She said no! My heart sank and I immediately started to panic. I never ran so fast back to Mexico. I had to go all the way to guest relations at the front of the park. When I got there they couldn’t let me know if they had it unless I matched the license. I then had to go back and find my mom (Which was tough since her cell was in her purse). I was able to get her to guest relations and they had it. Did I mention this was the first day we were there?
  9. A Win Like No Other- I competed with the DCCT for many Years. Some of my best years in dance! There have been so many ribbons, special awards, high scores, trophies and special stand out moments. I will never forget the Dance-X-Plosion Nationals. We were waiting for them to announce the highest scoring number of the entire nationals. When they announced Dance Connection I just remember screaming and cheering. There is no way to describe that win since it felt so deserving. We won for Walking on Sunshine. I was so happy to be a part of that moment.
  10. Making a Difference- Dance Connection is a safe environment for all ages and has been giving back to its community for so many years. We have raised money for Making Wishes Grow with the help of other performers to grant wishes to children in need.  This past year our Artistic Director put on an amazing Christmas show Benefiting Gavins Got Heart to raise money for children with Congenital Heart Defects. Lastly, our studio adopted the Wingman program to inspire children to become helpful heros that go above and beyond for each other and to encourage one another to boost confidence.  I’m so happy to be a part of this wonderful family and to witness all the great things that have been accomplished and that are to come!
Molly Zitterman

Molly started teaching with the Dance Connection staff in the fall of 2006. She has been with the Dance Connection family for 25 years. She has trained in various areas of dance with tap and jazz being her favorites. She competed with the competition team regionally and nationally for six years, which won many high scores and special awards. She was also recognized for her dancing at Star Quest Nationals. As a teacher Molly still loves the stage and dances in the annual recital every year. Throughout her dance career she has had the privilege of performing in Cape May, Ocean City, Lancaster,Las Vegas, Virginia Beach, Walt Disney World numerous times, Aboard cruise ships to Bermuda, Bahamas, & Canada, LI Ducks Stadium, a benefit for the Ronald McDonald house and Make a Wish Foundation. Molly has choreographed for the DC Recital Company and Dance Connection Competition Team. She continues to educate herself at The Dance Teacher Summit, which is taught by renowned choreographers. This past August, she attended the Energize conference in Chicago. Molly has an Associates degree in Liberal Arts and General Studies and works at Mutual Inc as a financial assistant to the CEO and a certified financial planner. She is grateful that DC is her second home and has devoted her life to the art of dance.