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Spotlight on our Stage Manager

With recital just around the corner, let’s meet one of the central figures behind the scenes of making sure the show runs like clockwork.  With a production as large as Dance Connection’s it takes a professional stage manager to make sure everything happens at the right time!  Check out our interview with Brenna Marie Skinnon, Dance Connection’s Production Stage Manager.


Dance Connection:  What is the stage manager’s job at Dance Connection?

Brenna Marie Skinnon:  I just say “GO”.  My main job is to help facilitate organizing and making sure the stage is safe for our dancers.  It’s alot like hearding cats, sometimes.

DC:  Why did you choose to become a stage manager?

BMS:  I’ve always liked working with large numbers of people towards a common goal. So in this scenario to create a show. It’s fitting that as a Stage Manager I get to lead a group of people, but I also constantly get to problem solve and do all the things I think I’m good at.

DC:  When not stage managing what are your hobbies?

BMS:  Trying to hike all the waterfalls in North Carolina, craft beer, and attempting to learn the ukulele.

DC:  Are you an early bird or a night owl?

BMS: Well, having insomnia means I’m often both. But I will always say yes to coffee. Specifically a medium iced black from Dunkin.

DC:  If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?

BMS:I’d want the ability to manipulate time. I feel like that would be really useful. Just being able to pause time would be amazing.

DC:  Why do you choose to work for Dance Connection?

BMS:  I get paid to work with one of my best friends. The staff at Dance Connection are amazing.