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Teacher Training Program

Did you know?

Dance Connection offers a comprehensive Teacher Training Program!

The Teacher Training Program ensures that future students continue to be taught with the same care as when the studio’s doors first opened! I truly enjoy working with the energy and passion of these young people within our program. It is a mutually rewarding experience!

– Colleen Riccardelli, M.S.Ed.
Program Director

Learning Important Life Skills

The Teacher Training Program is a forum for students to gain training in teaching as well as job responsibility.  Enrollment in our Teacher Training Program will provide members with the highest standard of mentoring and guidance. Dance Connection is strongly committed to enriching and nourishing the future teachers and citizens of our community.  Regardless of your future career path, Dance Connection feels confident that all members of the Teacher Training Program will leave our program having learned the important life skills of: respect, responsibility, accountability, discipline, confidence, and professionalism.

Program Levels:

Student Helpers assist teachers with room set up and other in class activities as well as demonstrating dance steps for students.

Student teachers begin to oversee and direct Student Helpers assigned to their classes. They will begin to learn classroom management skills and are required to perform one classroom observation per month.

Assistant teachers begin to choreograph independently and teach portions of their classes. They will supervise members of the Teacher Training Program during recital week, oversee completion of weekly jobs by the Student Helpers and Student Teachers, and begin to interact with the parents of their students.

At this level substitute teachers are viewed as a part of the Dance Connection staff. They will be called upon to Substitute Teach if needed, will be an intern during all scheduling and staff meetings, and may be asked to assist with Competition Team or Recital Company rehearsals.

You are eligible to apply to be a student helper if:

  • You are a minimum of 9 years old (you can join the waitlist at age 7)
  • You currently study Ballet, Tap, & Jazz
  • You can commit to at least 1 student helping class per week
  • You can be responsible to complete a weekly “teacher task” within the studio

Is Our Program Right for You?

  • Availability: Are you available to teach a class that would be scheduled during the hours of Monday thru Friday after 4:00pm and Saturday 9:00-1:00pm? Teacher trainees are also required to help during recital week.
  • Responsibility: You must show up for your classes in appropriate dance attire with your monogrammed program shirt, remember to check your studio mailbox and your email, and complete your assignments by the scheduled deadline.
  • Reliability: Can you commit to your teaching classes, keeping absences to a minimum, and remember to inform the studio when you will be absent making sure to find coverage for your class?
At the conclusion of the season, each trainee will receive a written evaluation from each cooperating teacher they worked with during the year and each teacher they studied with, the result of which will determine invitations to return the following year and at which level.

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