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Welcome | General Policies & Procedures

Thank you for choosing Dance Connection and joining us for our 30th Anniversary Season!  We are committed to providing you with the best dance education possible and world class customer service.  If you ever have any questions, our email addresses and direct phone extensions are listed below – feel free to get in touch anytime!

Class Placement

Please trust our judgment with regard to your class placement. There are many factors we look for to place a dancer in the correct class, that you may not see by just watching through the window. We understand that you see different classes you might want to be in, whether it be because of carpooling, time preference, back to back classes, friends, and/or the dancer’s parent’s perception of where they should be. However, if we feel that a dancer should stay in a particular class, we will not move them. We realize this could cause drop outs or switching schools, but we would accept that rather than compromise their training at Dance Connection. Poor technique and training leads to future injuries and physical problems, not to mention hard to break poor technique habits.  All questions and concerns should be directed to the teacher, either by phone or by their email, they’re happy to answer any questions or concerns.

Keep Informed – Check Email Often

We have found that email is an effective way to contact all of our students and families. Most, if not all, newsletters, notices, and flyers will be sent through our email mailing list. If this presents a problem for you, you can always keep up to date by checking the Latest News section on our website  ( If you would like your own printed copy of a newsletter or notice, please ask a member of our office staff, we will be happy to print it for you.  If you would like an additional address to be added to our email mailing list please email

Class Parties and Food Allergies

Please let the office staff and your child’s teacher know of any food allergies your child may have so it can be added as a note on your account. If you are planning to bring anything for the class to enjoy (birthdays, etc.) please call the studio or email the teacher ahead of time. We ask that if you bring in food for the class that you also bring along the ingredients list. When bringing in something please keep it simple. During Party Weeks, Dance Connection will provide juice/water, pretzels, chips, and cookies. If your child has any food allergies please leave us a list of acceptable alternatives. For the dancers who cannot consume the above, we will be happy to accommodate you with snacks that do not cause any allergic reactions, or you may bring in your own snack if you like.  If you have any questions regarding this matter please email


As a reminder, all tuition is DUE THE FIRST OF EACH MONTH. DEADLINE FOR ALL PAYMENTS IS THE 10TH. THIS IS A NO EXCEPTIONS RULE. If you are unable to come in by the 10th, just drop a check in the mail to 181 Freeman Avenue, Islip, NY 11751, or pay online using our customer portal. This will avoid a $5 addition to your account for a late payment. This charge of $5 will continue to be added each time the same balance remains unpaid each month. In other words, if your October tuition is not paid by November 10th it will receive an additional $5 fee, and continue for each month it remains unpaid. We do appreciate all those who pay on time. Tuition is automatically due by the first of each month. You will not receive a bill via email unless this payment is late.  For our complete Tuition and payment policies, please click here.

Payment Policies

  • The person registering themself or their child for classes will be considered the account holder.  The account holder is the primary person on each account and will be considered financially responsible for all charges incurred on their account.  All arrangements for split payments must be made outside of Dance Connection.
  • You will not receive a bill for tuition prior to it being due.  We only send billing statements to accounts with past due balances.-  Payments will always be applied to outstanding balances first before being applied to current or future charges. 
  • Tuition is non-refundable.  There is no discount made for missed classes.  You may make up a class, if available, within 2 months of the date missed.
  • Dance Connection reserves the right to refuse placing orders and/or withold merchandise/costumes for past due accounts until the balance is paid.

Observation Windows

Although you are always welcome to observe our classes through the observation window, it only presents to you a part of the story that goes on in the dance room. If you have any questions about our procedures or about the progress of your child, please don’t hesitate to talk to your teacher. Our staff is always eager to answer any questions you may have, which is why the DC staff members are Dance Teachers, not just instructors. Feel free to email any of the staff at the emails below.

Faculty & Staff Contact Directory

Although you are always welcome to observe our classes through the observation window, it only presents to you a part of the story that goes on in the dance room. If you have any questions about our procedures or about the progress of your child, please don’t hesitate to talk to your teacher. Our staff is always eager to answer any questions you may have, which is why the DC staff members are Dance Teachers, not just instructors. Feel free to email any of the staff at the emails found here.

Please Help Keep the Studio Clean!

We ask that you please be careful with your food and drink. Dispose all of your trash in the garbage cans located around the studio. As you have seen, we do all we can to keep this studio clean and sanitary for all. If you spill something, please tell a member of our office staff right away so we can try to get the stain out before it settles into the carpet. Also, we ask that there be NO RUNNING or HORSEPLAYING in the lobby or hallways. Something will get broken, or worse, someone will get hurt. If we all pitch in, our dance studio will remain safe and looking as pretty as a picture for all who come here. Does it really have to be your mess to help clean it up?  “Beautiful People Keep a Beautiful Place!”  

Snow Cancellations

In the event of inclement weather please check the following for studio closings:

  • Dance Connection Website (
  • Dance Connection Voicemail (631-224-7134  Ext. 1)
  • Your email for an announcement through our mailing list.
  • An automated call or voicemail from Dance Connection.
  • News 12 Long Island’s Website.  (Studio Closings are announced only on New’s 12’s website and not on their broadcast station.)

Studio Calendar

A copy of the studio calendar with all studio closings and special events can be viewed by clicking here.

Tutorings & Private Lessons

Can’t get those time steps, having trouble with your pirouettes, struggling to remember all those dance combinations, or just want to improve your dance skills? Why not try tutoring. Tutoring is to brush up on steps that you are struggling with in your regular dance class. Half hour sessions with one of our assistant teacher tutors only costs $20. Or . . .would you like a class just for yourself? Try one on one training with private lessons with one of our teachers at $35 per half hour or $60 per hour. You can sign up at the desk any time. Private lessons are a full class taught to you on a one on one basis. The private lesson teacher will specifically design the class to you and your ability. Payment must be made prior to the tutoring session or private lesson. Cancellations MUST be made at least 2 hours ahead of booked session.

Dance Shoe & Dancewear Etiquette 

  1. Ballet shoes should be worn snug, with ties tucked in at all times.
  2. Ballet is the only class that requires a black leotard and pink tights, (skirts are optional). All other classes require regular dance attire and can be worn in any color.
  3. Girl’s tap shoes must be secured with elastic or tap shoe ties. Please discard ribbons.
  4. No necklaces, bracelets, & large earrings should be brought or worn to class.
  5. Please put names on all dancewear, shoes, bags, etc. We cannot help these items get home without this vital information.

Fire Alarm

In the event that the fire alarm does go off, we do ask that everyone carefully and quietly exit the building either through the regular front exit or the side exit. Students should stay with their class, as the teacher is required to re-take attendance and confirm every student has exited the building.  Once it is assessed that there is not a fire anywhere in the building, everyone can return inside. So we do not inconvenience everyone with numerous false alarms, please be careful not to pull the fire alarms located by the exit doors.

Parking Lot

Be very careful in the parking lot and be mindful of children and other pedestrians walking to and from Dance Connection and neighboring businesses. To make driving in the parking lot safer and convenient for all, please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Drive slow
  2. Park in designated lined spots only
  3. Do not park in the driveway in front of Dance Connection. It is fine to drop off or pick up your dancer here, but your car cannot be parked here or “standing” for an extended period of time, as it blocks people from exiting their parking spaces.  In addition, the driveway needs to remain accessible to emergency response vehicles in the unlikely event of an emergency. 
  4. Parking is prohibited on the east side of Freeman Avenue, in any unmarked stall, and in handicap spots without a valid permit.

While Dance Connection’s complex provides over 450 parking spaces, closer spots do fill up during certain class times, especially when our neighboring businesses are open during class times.  When possible, arrive early for your class to get the best parking spot available and remember that you can always park on the West side of Freeman Avenue.
 Just a friendly reminder, please do not leave your pocketbooks or valuables in your car.

Thank you for taking time to read this important newsletter! If you have any questions please feel free to email or call the office at 631-224-7134. Thank you!