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Who’s in What Recital?

Below You will find important information that will give you details about this year’s recital including dates, location, information on Dress Rehearsal Week, and also a link to the “Who’s In What Recital” listing for this year.

About the Recital

Performing in front of an audience is a major part of a dancer’s education.  It is a time when they can show off all the wonderful moves they have learned throughout the year.  We have dance recitals so that everyone has the chance to take those steps out of the classroom and perform them so everyone can enjoy.   However, it is not for everyone, which is why participating in our dance recital is voluntary.  It is not mandatory for all students to participate.

Recital Dates

Dress Rehearsals will be held June 8-12.  Performances are scheduled  for  Saturday, June 13 at 1pm & 7pm, and Sunday, June 14 at 3pm.  All Performances and Dress Rehearsals will be held at Holy Trinity Diocesan High School on Newbridge Road in Hicksville.

The Terrific Twos Showcase will be Sunday, June 14 at 11am, and will be at Holy Trinity.

Why is the recital held on those dates?

The hardest part about putting on a recital is obtaining the best dates.  Unfortunately, there are no perfect dates.  There is always someone going on vacation, a school activity, or a big family party.  This year our Recital Week will be  June 8 through June 14.  We realize these dates may not be convenient for all of you, which is why we make the recital a choice, not an obligation.  We have always found that the recital is a great family tradition and work to make the event something that your entire family will enjoy.  We’ve carefully picked our recital times to ensure that you can get a meal together beforehand or afterwards.  While everyone likely has a different preference of when the recital is held, we do hope you join us for the recital and remember the reason for the event – to showcase what your dancer has learned and to celebrate your dancer’s growth as a family.

Why is the Recital held at Holy Trinity?


Finding a theater on Long Island that is capable to host our event isn’t an easy task! The fact is, there are only a few theaters out there that are available and have the capacity that we require. Some local school districts have “In District” policies. This means that they will only rent their theater to organizations that operate within that district.   Holy Trinity Diocesan High School is only 25 minutes away from Dance Connection. Holy Trinity offers a comfortable and clean theater, air conditioning for the theater, stage, changing and dancer waiting areas, spacious changing and waiting areas, and a big stage. The stage can be easily seen from all seats in the theater.   All theater rentals are very expensive, so picking a venue where the quality of service and facility matches the cost is very important. Not all theaters are the same.   That being said, Holy Trinity Diocesan High School is the closet venue that is available and can handle a show like ours.  

Recital Expenses

There are costs involved in participating in the recital.  However, we try our best to make these costs as affordable as possible by offering many options for our parents and families.

Required Expenses:

  • Recital Costume, Shoes, & Accessories – Costume Worksheets will be handed out during Costume Measurement Week 11/4-11/9.
  • Recital Tickets – Tickets go on sale 5/4 and range from approx. $15 – approx. $35.
  • Recital Supervision & Security Fee – $5 per dancer due 5/1. This fee helps cover the cost of the hired security guards and backstage babysitters needed to watch your children.

Dance Connection is proud to continue to offer free class photo and recital video downloads for all of our families.

Optional Expenses:

  • Premium Garment Bag with Dance Connection Logo.
  • Recital Make-Up Kit
  • Recital T-Shirt
  • Prints/Products of Individual or Class Photos
  • Recital Gifts – Flowers, Shining Stars, Dancer Dolls, Toys, etc.

Dress Rehearsals

Dress Rehearsal is basically a trial run of the recital.  All dancers come in full costume, make up, hair, etc., as if it was the real recital.  Dancers get the chance to see if all their velcro, snaps, hook and eyes stay in place. Also, does the hat stay on with just one clip, or will it take 10 more?  We set the many lighting, scenery and curtain cues during these rehearsals.  Dress Rehearsal will be held during various times the week of Monday, June 8 – Friday, June 12.  You will receive a schedule letting you know what time your dancer will perform.  This is also your only chance to take all your pictures and videos, since WE DO NOT ALLOW PHOTOGRAPHY OF ANY KIND DURING RECITAL PERFORMANCES, as during a performance it is hazardous to the performers and distracting to those around you.  CLASS PHOTOS ARE ALSO TAKEN ON THESE DAYS.   


Rehearsals usually begin at 4:00pm and run until 10:00pm.  Every dance will be given a specific time frame in which to come.

Who’s In What Recital?

Please click the button below to see a chart listing the classes for each particular show.  LEFT COLUMN will be performing on Saturday June 13th at 1pm, the MIDDLE COLUMN will be performing on Saturday, June 13th at 7pm and the RIGHT COLUMN will be performing on Sunday, June 14th at 3pm.  Again, after an almost impossible task, we were able to get  83% of our families in the same recital.  If you find after checking the list that we were unable to get your dancer in the same performance, please check at the desk to see if there may be other classes you could switch into to have the same recital show.  We will do our best to accommodate you, but we cannot guarantee that all classes can be changed.  All class changes must be made by DECEMBER 7.