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If you have a question we haven’t thought of here, please let us help. Recital can be overwhelming even if it isn’t your first one. Call us at (631) 224-7134, we’re here to help you!

Recital FAQs

When & Where?
The 2021 recital performances are June 12 & 13.  Dress rehearsals are June 7-11.  The dress rehearsals and recital are held at CM Performing Arts Center in Oakdale, NY. The Terrific Twos Showcase is June 14 at CM Performing Arts Center.
What time is the recital?

We host multiple recitals and each class is assigned to a specific show. We host 9 shows to keep our show lengths to a minimum and offer each family ample tickets to the show.

What is the Terrific Twos Showcase?

Our Terrific Twos Showcase is a special opportunity for our youngest dancers! Terrific Twos dancers are separated into their own unique show. The show will last 30-45 minutes and includes performances from our Performance Company.

How do you assign the classes to each show?

Assigning classes to each recital is a month long planning process. We do our best to accommodate dancers in multiple classes and try to put as many siblings in the same shows as possible. We have a recital planning program that helps us plan our shows with the least amount of conflicts. Despite the enormous effort put into this project, it is impossible to put every family into only one show.  Sometimes families will be assigned to separate shows. Siblings in multiple recitals is a common practice for many dance studios.  Many families have the option to switch classes before the costume order deadline to be in the same show.

How long is the recital?

Each show averages 1 ½ hours with no intermission. Our Terrific Twos showcase is 30-45 minutes.

Does my dancer wear a costume?

Yes! Dancers are required to purchase a recital costume per class and have the appropriate color and style of accessories, tights, and shoes.

Is there a dress rehearsal?

YES! It is critical for the confidence of our dancers onstage that we do a trial run. This shows the dancers how to cope with little mishaps that can happen in a stage environment when you add nervousness, scenery, stage lights, and costumes! We run into all of these in rehearsal so that in the show, dancers know just what to do to keep the production going with a smile. The rehearsals are held the week before recital weekend at CM Performing Arts Center.

Do I need tickets to the show?

Yes. Recital tickets range from $15-34 per seat and can be purchased on our website beginning May 3.

Who cares for my child backstage?
What is there for dancers to do while waiting backstage?

It can seem like a long wait for an excited dancer backstage. For that reason we give our volunteers and staff many tools to keep the kids entertained. There are toys and games for the kids, coloring sheets, crafts, and a live video feed of the show playing on large TVs. When it is their turn to dance they are called, and our staff walks them to the stage and back safely. Dancers will remain backstage during the short 10-min intermission.

Can I videotape or take pictures of the performance?

This is an important memory, one you will always cherish. For that reason, we hire a professional videographer to film all shows and give those videos to all of our families for free. Phone and flash photography can be a distraction to our dancers as well as to the audience members around you.  For that reason, the taking of photographs or videotaping of the show is strictly prohibited – this policy is enforced by the security officers at the show.  Parents can videotape or photograph the dress rehearsal from the first few rows of the theatre.

Will we receive pictures in costume?

Yes! Before each class goes on stage for their dress rehearsal, our photographers take class and individual photos.  Everyone will receive a free class photo download.  Prints and products of the class photo and individual photos are available for purchase.

Do we have to wear make-up?

All dancers are strongly encouraged to wear makeup for dress rehearsal and performances.  We believe that parents should be able to decide what is appropriate for their dancer based on their parenting style. That said please be warned that dancers without any makeup on will appear washed out under stage lighting. Stage lights are bright and the best way to look natural under them is to rely on a little makeup. We recommend at least a warm blush and lipstick. If your dancer is very young, keep in mind the Recital is a once a year event, and feels a lot to your dancer like playing dress up 🙂

Saturday, June 12  10:00AM
Saturday, June 12  1:15PM
Saturday, June 12  4:30PM
Saturday, June 12  7:45PM
Sunday, June 13  10:00AM
Sunday, June 13  1:00PM
Sunday, June 13  4:15PM
Sunday, June 13  7:30PM

Terrific Twos Showcase:  Monday, June 14  6:00PM

Our recital will be held at the CM Performing Arts Center in Oakdale, NY.  

The CM Performing Arts Center features a professional theatre, air conditioned auditorium and dressing rooms, and great viewing from all seats.  The theatre is 10 minutes from Dance Connection's studio.

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2021 Recital Tickets will go on sale Monday, May 3 at 8AM

Feel free to contact Joe Naftal at (631) 224-7134 Ext. 602 or with any recital questions.