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TTP Case Study: Ann Flick

Ann Flick

Mom of Victoria Flick – TTP Alumni and Dance Connection Teacher

Ann is the mom of Miss Victoria. Miss Victoria started the Dance Connection Teacher Training Program as a Student Helper and graduated the program in 2015 to become a Dance Connection Teacher.

What ages did Victoria participate in the program?
The Teacher Training Program was extremely popular, so her name was put on a waitlist at the age of 7 .  By the time she was 9 (the age you were allowed to begin the program) there was an opening and she started right away. She continued in this program every year until the age of 18 when she was eventually hired as a Teacher.

What classes did she teach (as a teacher trainee)? 
Her first class was ballet with Ms. Jenn, and throughout the program she also taught, Twos, Preschool, Combo, Tap, and Jazz

What as a parent was your favorite aspect of the program?
Too many to list. I absolutely love this program and EVERYTHING about it. I loved how it taught responsibility at a young age. She learned the need for finding a replacement on a day she was unable to participate. She understood the importance of using a calling tree to find coverage and filling in for others who called upon her to do same. She learned the responsibility of managing weekly jobs around the studio. She learned how to be observed, evaluated and to observe others in other classes. She learned the importance of punctuality and time management. If you are 15 minutes early you are “on time”, if you are on time, “you’re late”. She learned the importance of portraying a positive image, wearing appropriate attire and being a role model to others. 

What do you think is the most important thing Victoria learned or the most important thing the program instilled in her?
Confidence and Responsibility

How has the program impacted Victoria’s life outside of the studio? How has she applied what she learned to other pursuits?
Victoria loves the aspect of teaching so she decided to pursue a career in it. Victoria graduated College this May in Early Childhood/ Elementary and Special Education. She has continually been complimented on her punctuality, time management, confidence and teaching techniques, most of which I contribute to her training in this program.