My Favorite Costume

Now that we’ve all gotten a good look at the fantastic costumes our teachers have chosen for this year’s recital, we thought we’d ask them about their favorite costume from their years of dancing!


My favorite costume I’ve had was for my ballet dance Stairway to Heaven.
Miss Dejia
One of my favorite costumes I wore when I was younger, was my “Cold Hearted Snake” costume. The song, the dance and the costume were awesome!
Miss Donna
My favorite dance costume that I wore was from Twisted Circus. Each one of us had our own special character costumes, and I was the tightrope walker. I loved all of the details for this costume especially the mask and the parasol.
Miss Erin
My favorite dance costume I wore was the Giraffe costume for Lion King.
Miss Sarah
My favorite dance and costume was when we danced to “What a feeling” from the original movie “Fame”.
Miss Stacey
One of my favorite costumes, although crazy, was my "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" costume! We all embraced our cat characters and had a blast with it. I was the "bouncer/security" cat.
Miss Brooke-Ashley
The costume I had for my first jazz solo at age 7 is my most memorable costume. I dance to Michael Jackson's "Bad". I probably had plenty others I loved throughout the years (I was every character I could think of) but I will never forget that one.
Miss Julie
My favorite dance costumes are always the ones that I get to make at home, but my favorite costume has to be my zombie costume from last year's recital for a tap dance to Michael Jackson's thriller.
Mr. Billy
My favorite dance costume that I wore was for "Walking on Sunshine." Being part of such an iconic dance has always been such a rewarding experience for me, and I've enjoyed every time I've been able to put on that costume and perform such an uplifting dance for audiences all over!
Miss Ava

Thank you to all of the teachers that shared their fave costumes and especially their pictures with us! What was your favorite recital costume? Maybe you’re looking forward to one you have for this year’s recital? Let us know in the comments!

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