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Costumes are Arriving

When the costumes you ordered arrive, we will have the dancers try them on in class. After all costumes are tried on, we will stuff them with instructions. Most costumes will be available for pick up beginning in May, AS LONG AS YOUR ENTIRE ACCOUNT BALANCE IS PAID IN FULL. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT LATE FEES ARE NOT WAIVED FOR ANY REASON.

*All costumes do not come custom fit, you may need to make alterations. As a side note, the photos you see online are costumes on models, rarely do the costumes look the same on each dancer as it does in the photo.

**When spray painting your ballet shoes, try to match the pink to the standard pink ballet shoe. The regular pink spray paint is too much like candy pink, not ballet shoe pink. Since ballet shoes do not come in caramel (tan) and not all jazz shoes match the tights that come with the costume, for your convenience we have had custom paint made to match our tights. We will also offer a white and black paint. Small bottles will be available at the studio for $3.00 each. Always lightly sand your shoe with steel wool as well as stuff with newspaper prior to painting.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to email