Recital Volunteers

Volunteers are what make the high quality of our productions possible!  Volunteering to help with our show cuts additional cost and fees that would be necessary if hiring additional outside workers.  If you volunteer, you will also be able to see your child perform without purchasing a ticket for that performance.

It is a delight and lots of fun to volunteer. There is another kind of show behind the scenes! Dancers adore and need them. It is fun and rewarding to volunteer your time and efforts to the backstage/front of house team. Without your help the show would not go on!

Don’t worry if you don’t have experience, we’re always willing to train new volunteers!

Please submit volunteer forms by April 30!

Supervising Dancers

Volunteers in this area work in the Terrific Twos/Preschool/Combo room or the general waiting area. They keep classes together, assist with bathroom visits, and get dancers ready when it's their turn to perform.

Changing Areas

Volunteering in the changing areas consists of assisting performers execute costume changes in our changing room. Volunteers help with costumes, hair, and makeup.

Stage Crew

We need a dedicated running crew to move set pieces, prepare the stage for the dancers, and assist our stage management team. Backstage help during rehearsals is much appreciated as well - please include your availability during the rehearsal week if you can.


Our volunteer security team helps control crowds, enforce policies, maintain access control to the backstage area. Security volunteers must be comfortable telling someone "no" while still being pleasant and polite.


Ushers are needed to distriubute programs and show patrons to their seats. They will be required to dress nicely and must be able to provide excellent customer service to our guests. Some ushers will scan patron's eTickets to check for authentic tickets.


Help sell raffle tickets and merchandise to recital patrons. This is a fun job and fast paced at points. Must be good at customer service and handling cash.

There are TV monitors setup in the lobby, waiting areas, and changing areas, showing the recital live.
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