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Dance Beyond the Recital…

By Erin Sforza in In Step With DC on July 14, 2017

Now that the dust has settled and the lights have dimmed it can seem that dance will step aside for the summer, but it certainly doesn’t have to. There are tons of opportunities to keep “in step” with your dance training over the summer, many of them right here at Dance Connection! You can take […]

Which DC Teacher are You?

By Joe Naftal in In Step With DC on June 30, 2017

What’s your DC Dance Teacher persona? We’re proud of all of our Dance Connection Teachers. Find out which Dance Teacher you’re most like by taking this short quiz.  

Ducks Game Rehearsals are Underway!

By Joe Naftal in In Step With DC on June 27, 2017

Our Competition Team and Ducks Company dancers are rehearsing each day for their upcoming performance at Long Island Ducks Stadium on Sunday, July 2nd.  Dance Connection has been bringing pre-game performances to Ducks Stadium for the past eight years.  The Dance Connection events at Long Island Ducks Games are always a fun night for the whole family, […]

Summer Playlist: Ultimate road trip tunes

By Joe Naftal in In Step With DC on June 22, 2017

Vacations abound during the summer months, and there’s nothing better than a road trip with friends or family—the journey is often just as important as the destination. We put together a summer playlist from some of our favorite summer road trip recital songs! Roll your windows down, turn the volume up, and enjoy the drive: […]

Paint Brushes, Hammers, and Refreshments

By Joe Naftal in In Step With DC on May 19, 2017

On Thursday, May 19th, two dozen volunteers attended our second Paint Night/Beer Build of the year.  The volunteers worked on the crazy colored columns for “Just Like a Rockstar”, the castle for “Happy Working Song”, the stairs for “NYC”, the train for “Santa’s Choo Choo Boogie Train”, the marquee signs for “Broadway Banana, the haunted […]

Our Volunteers: In Their Own Words

By Erin Sforza in In Step With DC on May 16, 2017

Dance Connection’s annual Recital is a huge production and a labor of love for our teachers and staff. There are countless hours spent prepping, designing, choreographing, organizing, and the list goes on, but one of the most essential and important parts of our Recital preparation and the success of the recital itself are our amazing […]

Dancers perform at Make-A-Wish Gala

By Joe Naftal in In Step With DC on May 12, 2017

On May 11th, dancers from the Dance Connection Competition Team performed at the Suffolk County Make-A-Wish Foundation’s annual “Bouquet of Wishes” gala at Villa Lombardi’s in Holbrook. This year’s gala celebrated 17 year old Rory, who’s wish was to visit Abby Road. As an homage to Rory’s wish, the gala was Rock ’n’ Roll themed. […]

Kids had a blast at Minute to Win It!

By Joe Naftal in In Step With DC on May 9, 2017

Dancers and their friends & family had at Dance Connection’s Minute to Win It Night of Fun last Friday night.  Based on the hit television game show, the event consisted of team challenges using common household items to complete a task in 60 seconds or less!  Participants met new friends and won cool prizes throughout the night. […]

The History of Ticket Sale Day

By Joe Naftal in In Step With DC on May 8, 2017

The day recital tickets go on sale is always very exciting for everyone at Dance Connection.  It’s a clear signal that the recital is on it’s way and an official start to the peak of “recital season”.  This morning, hundreds of parents logged onto our website to purchase their recital tickets, completing their ticket transactions […]

Looking Forward to Beach Weather, Sunshine, Ice Cream, and Camp!

By Erin Sforza in In Step With DC on April 29, 2017

Sometimes it seems as if warm weather will never get here, but the days are getting longer and every now and then we get a day that breaks 60 degrees and lets us know beach weather is on its way. I always look forward to the summer especially being here on Long Island with all of […]

Getting to Know You: Miss Ginny!

By Erin Sforza in In Step With DC on April 22, 2017

Today we are featuring one of our fantastic staff members (and DCCT parents), Miss Ginny!   In her free time Miss Ginny loves to craft, cook, and bake and you’ll see some of her handiwork in the form of the Competition Team T-shirts! Miss Ginny was a dance student until she was about 15 years old. […]

How Pre-Registration creates a Fall Class Schedule

By Joe Naftal in In Step With DC on April 21, 2017

Ever wonder how Dance Connection creates its Fall Schedule or what the point of Pre-Registration really is?  Joe Naftal, Dance Connection’s Marketing Director, walks us through an insider’s look at how the Pre-Registration process works and the work that goes into creating the fall schedule. In the midst of priority pre-registration week, you may be […]

Getting to Know You: Mr. Joe

By Erin Sforza in In Step With DC on April 18, 2017

Today we are featuring a member of our Studio Management Team, Mr. Joe!   As a college student, Lighting Designer and our Marketing Director, Mr. Joe doesn’t have a lot of free time, but he loves to spend it traveling (mostly to Europe), going out to eat with friends, and binge-watching his favorite TV shows. […]

Why I Pre-Register For Next Year…

By Erin Sforza in In Step With DC on April 14, 2017

I know that right now we’re really up to our ears in recital planning, but behind the scenes we’re also prepping for next year’s classes as well. That may seem a little crazy, but when recital is all done for the year and the last piece of scenery has been lovingly tucked away, we’ll only […]

Getting to Know You: Miss Tiffany!

By Erin Sforza in In Step With DC on April 12, 2017

Today we are featuring another amazing teacher, Miss Tiffany!   Miss Tiffany is happy to be home spending time with her two kids, but also loves going to see shows locally and in NYC with her daughter! She has a dog named Dug that is a rescue from Babylon Shelter who is very sweet. He […]

Are you ready for Recital Costumes??!!

By Erin Sforza in In Step With DC on April 8, 2017

It’s that time of year again! The recital costumes have begun to arrive and we are getting so excited! Every day we get shipments of costumes for our classes and are busy checking to make sure they have all of their accessories and their tights. Once we have costumes ready for the whole class, they’ll […]

Recital Company Rehearsals Are Underway!

By Erin Sforza in In Step With DC on April 2, 2017

I know, it’s hard to believe but Dance Connection is in full “Recital Prep” mode already! We’re cutting music, monitoring costume orders, picking out props and scenery, beginning choreography in classes, and we’ve begun Recital Company rehearsals. The start of Recital Company is always exciting because every year has a different theme, the costumes are […]

Getting to Know You: Miss Amanda

By Erin Sforza in In Step With DC on March 31, 2017

Today we are featuring one of our amazing staff members, Miss Amanda!   Miss Amanda loves to spend her free time with her family and friends or binge-watching her favorite shows on Netflix. She danced for 15 years at another studio (Roseland) and then came to DC and was a student teacher in out Teacher […]

Did you know Dance Connection runs an official chapter of the NHSDA?

By Erin Sforza in In Step With DC on March 29, 2017

Here at Dance Connection we believe that the arts are an essential part of any education. A commitment to and a love for the art of dance should be celebrated, and that’s why we were honored to become an official chapter of the National Honor Society for Dance Arts. The National Honor Society for Dance […]

A New Series for In Step With DC: Getting to Know You!

By Erin Sforza in In Step With DC on March 1, 2017

Today we are starting a new series of blogs that will help you get to know your DC Teachers and Staff better as we get closer to recital. Today’s featured teacher is Miss Molly!   In her free time Miss Molly loves to catch up on her recorded TV shows (she loves reality TV!) and […]

Competition Team – The Thrill of Victory, the Hours of Dedication

By Erin Sforza in In Step With DC on February 14, 2017

By now I’m sure most of our DC families are familiar with at least some of the members of our Competition Team, but you might not know how much dedication these amazing young dancers possess. Competition Team begins with the first official rehearsal of the year in August, preceded by a parents meeting for new […]

Setting Goals

By Erin Sforza in In Step With DC on January 5, 2017

Happy New Year and welcome to Dance Connection’s brand new blog, In Step With DC! The arrival of a new year has always been about improvement on the prior year. People vow to become healthier, to spend more time with those they love, to achieve in their given profession, or any number of personal goals […]